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Essay on terrorism

As terror is meant to create an atmosphere of fear and dread among the common man.

  • By the way, in today’s time there is an effect of terror in the whole world community. And many countries are suffering from this terrorism. Like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. Terrorism in India is years old. India has been raising its voice against terrorism in the United Nations for years against terrorism. But this voice of India was not given to the United Nations Organization, due to which terrorism and terrorist organization got a chance to flourish.
  • When the incident of Nine / Eleven happened in America, when America came upon itself, then it became active against terrorism. As you all know, the kingpin of the 9/eleven incident was Osama bin Laden, who was killed in Avotabad, Pakistan.Which is located in Pakistan.
    As of today, bilateral talks between India and Pakistan are closed due to terrorism. And any kind of trade with Pakistan is also closed because Pakistan has carried out terrorist incidents in the cities of India from Jammu and Kashmir to Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab, Lucknow, Patna etc. and is working to weaken India.
  • Terrorism is at its peak all over the world. You must have read about Baghdadi, the founder of Islamic State (IS) who was killed a few months ago. Who had created panic all over the world. From which Egypt to Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, its roots were strong. Against which the American and British forces fought jointly.In which the Islamic State had killed the American and British forces on a very large scale. Friends, I think Islamic religious fanaticism is the reason for the flourishing of terrorism. Who works against Hindustan and Indians. Our neighboring countries where terrorists are trained. And by infiltrating into Jammu and Kashmir against India, he harms Indian soldiers and armory. and commits heinous killings of innocent people. and disturbs India.

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