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Essay on Dowry System

Let us know about the essay-on-dowry-system

As some poet has said.

• Millions of houses were ruined in this dowry bid

• Meaning that thousands of girls sit in the measuring doli 

In the mythological period, jewelery was given to the girl as a gift by the girl’s side, which later took the form of dowry. The people of the groom’s side started demanding it from the girl’s side as greed and dowry.

Atrocities on girls due to dowry system.

  1. not getting married on time :-As we all see that due to lack of money in our surroundings, the girl is not able to get married on time. Due to which the sense of selflessness arises in the girl. And girls psychologically go into mental stress. And due to this, its beauty is affected which is very harmful for the girl.
  2. mismatch :- Friends, you all often see us in your village town. The boy’s appearance is not good in front of the girl, yet the girls silently accept it as their destiny. While the boy rejects the girls. Sometimes, boys are married to boys who are 10 years older than the girl’s age. Due to which it becomes difficult to adjust in life. And life is a race in tension.
  3. marriage breakdown:-Marriage breakdown has become a common thing nowadays. Due to dowry, the mother-in-law and Jethani and her husband repeatedly demand cash and jewelery as dowry. Due to which the marriage breaks up. And the family falls apart. And girl’s life becomes hell 
  4. commit suicide because of torture:-As we all see, the sisters around them commit suicide due to dowry harassment by the in-laws. which has become a common practice. However, there is a caste given protection by the government. Which is proving to be a failure somewhere. For this, there is a need for a huge change in the mind of the society and the youth should take special initiative in this.

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