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Essay on corruption

Friends, as you already know. Corruption which means corrupt practices and activities.

  • The root of corruption in India is very deep. Which has a massive impact on the people of India. Due to which any work is not completed on time. And people have to be deprived of their work. The person who gives tea, snacks or cash amount to the concerned officer, his work gets done behind the scenes.
  • I believe that the Indian public also has a big contribution in increasing corruption. Those who have lack of time and there is no shortage of money. Such people do the work of buying and luring the officer in the government office. And their work gets done first.
  • In a poor and uneducated country like India, where people do not have specific information about the work done in the office. Due to which they are threatened and harassed by the officials. And in the absence of information, people fall in the circle of brokers formed indirectly by the office. And they have to get the work done by paying arbitrary amount.
  • You from the lower house of India, Panchayati Raj to the upper office of India, where a lot of work is done from the common public. I think 90% of the work doesn’t work without temptation and penetration. Either you have access to an officer or a leader, then your work gets done according to the rules of the office.For example, whether to make a simple birth certificate or to make an Aadhaar card or to make a Kisan credit card or to take a loan from a rural bank or to make an income certificate in the block or to make a caste certificate or to reject the land filing etc. Meaning that to get any work done, you have to spend unnecessarily.
  • Indian executive officers who get the job after doing a lot of hard work and study, who have to go through many process before getting selected. They forget their responsibilities as soon as they sit on their chair and they also forget that whatever oath I take, I will work honestly and sincerely, I will not come under any temptation or pressure, I will discharge my duties.I think preamble of oath should be made mandatory for all officers before working in all offices in India. And if any irregularity is found, he should be dismissed from the post.
    The way corruption is prevalent By taking prompt action to the Indian Administrative Officer, curb the corrupt and take the harshest steps. Thank you

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