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Do not do these 3 mistakes in student life

If you are also studying then do-not-do-these-3-mistakes-in-student-life

  • It is said that the best moment of our life is student life, {that laughing with friends, playing, jumping, sometimes pulling his head in class and sometimes writing it with a pen on the back of someone’s shirt, even if he doesn’t mind Girls play with boys and boys with girls, there is a wonderful life in a sentence.
  • But, perhaps you will not know that student life decides our future. How will be our future, what will we become in future, what will be my character, whether we will become a goon, a mawali or a drunkard or a noble man, all this student life decides.
  • We know in student life that we unknowingly make 3 to 4 such mistakes, which change the structure of the whole life. So what mistakes do those 3 to 4 make, let’s know.
  1. First of all, we keep postponing our work. Today is not the turn to study, will read from tomorrow. The famous line of every man, every student (will read from tomorrow to tomorrow.) Hey brother, who has seen tomorrow? Do what you have to do now, start from now on those things that you have kept thinking. Don’t ignore your work Otherwise, it will not be good for you going forward.. Let’s assume I told you to read the whole book today. So it will be difficult for you. But if I say that you have to read one page every day, then you will read the whole book. And there will be no problem for you. That’s why I say read only a little but read daily..
  2. Second mistake: Students always run after numbers. Hey brother, you can even bring the number by rote. But there is no use of such numbers. Because the number will remain but the knowledge will not be there. That’s why it is important not to run after numbers, run after your knowledge, skills, self-improvement, I have seen many. The numbers used to come less in the examination, but due to their knowledge, skills, self-improvement, I have seen progress in life.
  3. Third Mistake Compatible: If you stay with good people, you will become good. If you stay with bad people, you will become bad (I don’t say this | History says it) So it is important to stay with people who always encourage you. He concentrates on his own skills.

I hope you have understood from all these things that do-not-do-these-3-mistakes-in-student-life

Danveer Karna

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