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Danveer Karna

As we all know Mahabharata is the epic of India. danveer-karna is a character in this Mahabharata.

  • Karna was born in childhood by Kunti. It is well known that Kunti was given a boon by a sage that whomever you invoke, you will get a son like her. When Kunti was sleeping in her house in her childhood, the sun was rising.The redness of the sun was filtering through the window or window and coming into the room. Seeing that redness, Kunti’s mind was fascinated and she remembered Dinkar. As soon as he remembered, the sun appeared. And Sun God told Kunti that if I have come, I will go by giving something. Due to which a son was born to Kunti in a virgin state.
  • Out of fear and fear of social public shame, Kunti locked that child in a box and threw it into the flowing Ganges stream. A person named Adhiratha cooked that box and when he opened that box, he saw a child who was adorned with Kavach Kundal. Adhiratha was overjoyed to find him.
  • Adhiratha’s wife’s name was Radha, due to which one of Karna’s names Radheya is also called Para. After finding Karna, milk started flowing from Radhe Maa’s chest. In this way, Karna was brought up in a cotton thread. Later on, Karna lived in the company of Parashurama, learned the knowledge of weapons, and later became a great archer. At present which is called Bhagalpur.
  • A day before Mahabharat’s war, Karna had gone to meet Kunti. Karna had donated to him that I leave only Arjun in your bag and give the life of 4 sons.
    As we all know, when the wheel of Karna’s chariot got stuck in the earth in the rune-bhoomi. So at the behest of Krishna on the unarmed Karna, Arjuna killed Karna by raining his arrows. In this way, danveer-karna became immortal by dying in the field.

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