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How to remember what you read?

Let us know how-to-remember-what-you-read

  1. The first thing is that everyone’s ability to remember is different. And the ability to remember is increased. does not already exist.
  2. Second thing: forgetting is also a good thing. Because there are some such moments in our life which are very important to forget. Otherwise you can go crazy, that’s why forgetting also proves to be a blessing for us.
  3. Third thing: A couple of days before the exam, it seems that we have forgotten everything, then there is nothing to worry about. This happens with everyone.
  4. Fourth thing: Sitting in the examination hall and not remembering the answer to some question and remembering it as soon as you leave the examination hall, it is also normal, this also happens to everyone.

Now the problem is how to remember what you have read.

  1. Write down whatever you remember
  2. Do it every day and remember it for a long time. I am saying this because you never forget (A 2 z) , (A B .. do not forget) because you use it everyday that’s why.
  3. Remember the one whom you forget again and again by writing it in a special way.

note :- Do not panic, no student in the world remembers his entire syllabus, even if he is preparing for anything, at the time of examination, it will seem that if he forgets the entire syllabus, then there is no need to panic, it happens with everyone. You are mentally healthy

From all these things you must have understood that how-to-remember-what-you-read

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