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periodic table full concept

Today we will tell you about periodic-table-full-concept

  • Friends, as you all know that the father of the periodic table is called Mendeleev. He was a Russian scientist who presented the periodic law in 1869.
  • The modern periodic table was discovered by Henry Moseley in 1913. There are a total of 118 elements in the modern periodic table, Friends, there are total 7 periods and 18 groups in the modern periodic table. Of the total 118 elements, natural elements are 94 and artificial elements are 24. There are 91 metals, 20 non-metals and 7 metalloids in all. On the basis of atomic number, the elements are placed in increasing order in the modern periodic table. The lightest gas is called helium. As you all know that the first element of the periodic table is hydrogen.which was discovered by henry cavendiso. 
  • The largest period of the modern periodic table is called period 6.In which there are total 32 elements. And the seventeenth group of the periodic table is known as the halogen group.The lightest metal is called lithium, which has the symbol Li and atomic number 3. 
  • I hope you have understood about periodic-table-full-concept

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